BRERC Online Local Sites Register

BRERC Local Sites is an online register of the Local Sites in the West of England area.

These comprise of:

  • Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI), often known as Wildlife Sites in North Somerset
  • Regionally Important Geological/geomorphological Sites (RIGS)

These Local Sites are designated by the Local Authorities. BRERC is not responsible for their designation, but holds a record of the sites and the information associated with them.

Details included (where available) for each site:

  • Map of Site Boundaries
  • Boundary Intersections
  • Overlapping or Adjoining Sites
  • Timeline of Events associated with the site
  • Assessment Criteria details
  • Any other notes relating to the site

Search for a site:

  • By Site name
  • By Geographic Location

Site details are updated when new details and available resource allows. Some information for certain sites, such as Assessment Criteria information, may not exist and/or may not be available to BRERC.

If you hold a data agreement with BRERC and wish to make use of this service, please contact BRERC and we will discuss appropriate arrangements for access.

BRERC Local Sites Instructions