BRERC Online Local Sites Register

BRERC Local Sites is an online register of the Local Sites in the West of England area.

These comprise of:

  • Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI), often known as Wildlife Sites in North Somerset
  • Regionally Important Geological/geomorphological Sites (RIGS)

These Local Sites are designated by the Local Authorities. BRERC is not responsible for their designation, but holds a record of the sites and the information associated with them.

Details included (where available) for each site:

  • Map of Site Boundaries
  • Boundary Intersections
  • Overlapping or Adjoining Sites
  • Timeline of Events associated with the site
  • Assessment Criteria details
  • Any other notes relating to the site

Search for a site:

  • By Site name
  • By Geographic Location

Site details are updated when new details and available resource allows. There is sometimes missing information for sites, such as Assessment Criteria information, which is unavailable and was never been in BRERC’s possession.

If you are a BRERC partner and wish to make use of this service, please contact BRERC who will provide you with a username and password.

BRERC Local Sites Instructions