Online Tools and Mapping

The following resources may help you to process and check your own data before sending it to BRERC, or to help check existing data.
Streetmap allows you to search for any street name in the UK, as well as searching for a variety of other named features, and provides Eastings and Northings which can readily be converted into a Grid Reference.

Google Maps and Street View
Google Maps is also excellent at finding the location of a given street name or place, but has no co-ordinate function. The built in street view photos are also invaluable for pinpointing a location.

Ordnance Survey Online Maps
The official online Ordnance Survey maps have a clean look and provide a ten figure grid reference at the centre point of the map.

OpenStreetMap is another alternative that is open source and updated by users. It has many functions, all available for free.

GPS Test (Google Play Store)
These days having an app on your phone is the easiest way to get a grid reference when out recording. GPS Test is a free app for Android that does just that. There are similar apps available for Apple iPhones.

NLS Historical OS Maps
The National Library of Scotland has digitised historical OS maps for most of the UK, and these can be viewed on their website, providing a historical context for contemporary observations and giving clues about historical land use.

NBN Atlas
As well as holding data, the NBN Atlas is also a valuable resource for looking up the correct latin name for any species in the UK, and checking whether it occurs in the BRERC area.

QGIS - Free GIS Software
If you are technically ambitious and want to learn to use GIS software, QGIS is an excellent, free open-source product that is widely used in business and academia.