Data Search Services for Key Users

Photo: Closeup of Plantain (BRERC)

Users who hold a data supply agreement with BRERC can request data searches direct from the BRERC Enquiry team. This is usually in situations where BRERC has not already provided that data as part of our normal Partner data provision.

Examples may include:

  • A paper data search for a specific site(s)
  • A search that occurs beyond the geographical boundary usually covered by that Partner
  • A specific query of a dataset that may be extracted most efficiently using BRERC expertise

As we have limited capacity, where possible we would encourage our key users to make use of the data we provide to them as part of our service agreement, using the guides made available on these pages.

Where that is not possible, please submit a search via the Data Enquiries page, or e-mail if your search does not fit into this template. Please include as much detail as possible about your request.

Depending on the terms of your data access agreement, there may be no charge or a reduced charge for these data searches.

We usually provide data within 10 working days of receiving a request. See our data search terms and conditions.